As we move gracefully into the harvest season and the early mornings and evenings begin feel more like fall, it is a good time to do a ritual cleansing of the home to clean and bring your home into vibrational resonance with your goals for the season.
Enchanting your home is just another way to keep your personal vibrational frequency high and to amplify the vibrations you are sending out into the universe.
First, begin with a cleaning of your home. Get rid of any items that are broken or no longer useful to you. This helps to banish stagnant energy. Remember, your home is a vibrational being that holds energy for you and your family. You want to ensure that the energy is uplifting, harmonious, prosperous and in sync with your personal and collective goals as a family.
A simple way to cleanse your home is with a sage smudge stick or a combination of sage, cedar and sweet grass. You can usually purchase this is a local herb store or online. You want to make sure to turn off any fire alarms and open all the windows before you begin smudging.
Sage dispels any negative energies in your home, cedar brings in a positive energy and good spirits, and the sweet grass invites in more harmony as well as positive spiritual influences. Once you light the sage smudge stick you’ll walk through every room in your house cleansing any negative energy or any stagnant energy in your home. You can follow the sage with the cedar and then with sweet grass. If sweet grass is unavailable where you live, sage and cedar will do fine on their own.
After you’ve completed the smudging of your home, It is a good idea to light a white candle and walk through the house pushing light into all the corners of the home. This was a practice of the Pacific Northwest Indian Tribes.
Now, you are ready to enchant your home! You begin by rededicating each room of your home. For example, you may want to rededicate your bathroom as a place of beauty and revitalization. You may want to include more culinary creativity as you rededicate your kitchen or peaceful rest and meditation in the bedroom. Place coins under your front door mat to ensure that money keeps coming in to your home. Bless your fireplace as it acts as a portal in and out of your home. Remember that chimneys symbolize a magickal entrance and it is important to keep it clear of negative energy. You can also enhance the qualities you want to bring into your home by burning certain types of wood, burn oak for strength, pine or bay laurel for prosperity, cedar for cleansing and protection, birch for new beginnings, apple for love, wisteria for romance and a great enduring love, ash for energy, and rowan for protection.
In the days following, continue to burn incense to reinforce the enchantment of the home and keep the vibration very high. Frankincense is good for raising the vibration as well as protection. Rose is associated with romance and love. Lavender brings a calming energy and can also be used to make one more attractive or create a glamour. Nag Champa for spiritual enlightenment. Patchouli for happiness and joy. Patchouli also welcomes in fairy energy. Use caution with patchouli as fairies can sometimes be mischievous. Amber for ancient knowledge and past life regression. Jasmine to enhance sex appeal.

Be creative and add any additional enchantments that suit your needs. Keep in mind that the rooms in your home will hold the energy and the intention that you set.

This is an excellent way to experience everyday magick and begin living your dreams!