Channeling Gwenhwyfar with Lisa Giles


Lisa Giles, Priestess of Avalon and Faery Witch, channels Lady Gwenhwyfar

Gwenhwyfar, the Welsh Goddess, is believed to have existed “as long as there has been surf to pound against rocky shores. Praised for her wise judgement, it was prophesied that no man could rule Wales without her by his side.”

She is also known as Guinevere, or Gueneva. Her name means “White Shadow” or “White One” which is another name for a Faery Goddess.

The 21st Century ushers in a new epoch for humanity, a return of the divine feminine and the aesthetic appreciation of life. This period of time will be recorded in history as “The Age of Enchantment”.

Come and hear Lady Gwenhwyfar’s message regarding love, romance, and the code of chivalry for our modern times.

Bring your questions about love, romance and relationships for Gwenhwyfar.


The Secrets of Tintagel Castle

Saturday September 28th, 2019  from 1:00 pm -4:00 pm

Join Lisa Giles as she channels Gwenhwyfar at Tintagel Castle in North Cornwall, UK