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Activating Intuition -$14.99

This meditation will help you to open your intuitive portals of clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, claircognizance.


Chakra Balancing Meditation -$14.99

Bring all 7 chakras into alignment with this deep healing meditation. Cleanse and clear negative energy while you establish a clear channel for divine connection and communication.


Fiery Chalice Of Love – $8.99

Self love is the greatest gift we can offer to ourselves. When we truly love ourselves, we have more to give to others. This beautiful meditation takes you straight into your heart chakra. Healing the emotions of residual trauma and grief.


Journey To The Realm Of Faery -$14.99

Take a journey to the realm of faery. A place just beyond the veil. Meet some of the inhabitants of that realm. Spend time with your faery soul group. They have messages for you. You can help build a bridge between the human and faery realms.


Life Mapping Meditation – $19.99

Visit your life map in the akashic records. Learn more about the journey you planned out before you entered your earthly incarnation. Begin to add your short and long range goals onto the map. You will build your future each time you do this meditation!


Weight Loss – Bridge To The New You -$19.99

This future progression weight loss journey takes you to a future time when you are experiencing radiant health. You have achieved your weight loss goals and much more! You will pick up tips from your future self to assist you on your journey right now.