Intuitive Readings

Rowan-foxx-mystery-school-magick-workshops-psychic-readings-spiritual-counseling-coaching-ashland-talent-medford-oregon-pic-28Anam Cara Soul Path Reading

This reading is good for anyone looking for a general reading.

the Anam Cara is a Celtic tradition of guidance and inner growth in which the “soul friend” (which is the literal meaning of Anam Cara) guides you through a psychological and spiritual exploration of your soul! Rowan has a special affinity for this type of reading, as she herself is Celtic in heritage. The Anam Cara tradition holds a sacred place in Rowan’s heart and life.

The Anam Cara Reading begins by invoking your spirit guides for assistance. Your Soul Guides step forward to give any information that is pertinent to your life journey at the time of the reading. The focus is on reading the possible outcomes depending on destiny points, your free will and the surrounding environment.




Akashic Record Reading

This reading is good for anyone who is curious about past lives.

The Akashic Records are essentially the collective memory database of the planet and even the whole universe. This etheric database, often depicted as a great library with many many thick and thin books upon its shelves, carries the memories of each soul’s journey through time. When Rowan reads your Akashic records, she will clairvoyantly receive images, memories and even messages from your past-life selves to aid you in your journey in this life. As you can probably Imagine, this is a powerful way to connect with past lives and receive direct messages.


Rowan-foxx-mystery-school-magick-workshops-psychic-readings-spiritual-counseling-coaching-ashland-talent-medford-oregon-pic-24bSacred Contract Reading

This reading is good for anyone who wants to go deeper into their specific destiny points and the karmic ties with other people in their lives.

Your Destiny is not written in stone! It is a road map that is constantly evolving as you balance your free will with your destiny points. Destiny points are written into every soul contract prior to your incarnation. You do this yourself along with your trusted guides and those who will share your journey in life. It could be parents, spouses, the longtime best friend, the boss that you can’t stand, the barista at your favorite coffee shop and many more connections. Yes! You have prior agreements with all the people you come in contact with during your lifetime. The Sacred Contracts Reading delves deeply into these specific connections along with the soul agreements you have with everyone in your life. Rowan will work with your overseer guides that connect with the akashic records to examine what destiny points are coming up for you within the next 1-3 years then to look at the sacred contracts with people in your life and deeply examine all fated connections in love and romance, finance and career, health and happiness and relationships.


Master Tarot Readings

This reading is good for anyone interested in Tarot or to examine a specific question or area of one’s life.

Rowan is a true tarot virtuoso. She is able to pull the deeper nuanced meanings from within the cards lain before her. She draws these deeper masterful meanings from numerology, kabbalah, and traditional tarot lore. These readings will amaze you by their depth and profound implications for your soul and your life. You will remember the tarot reading for many years to come.


Psychic Q & A Reading

This is good for specific questions.

Do you have deep burning questions about your life? Your future? Who you were in your most recent past life? If so, this is the reading for you.

In this format, Rowan gives you the freedom to ask her your most pressing curiosities.


Psychic Readings

15 Minutes
(For follow up readings or psychic Q&A only)

30 Minutes

45 Minutes

60 Minutes

90 Minutes