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The International Academy for Universal Self Mastery is a unique place to explore pathways to happiness as you move through the labyrinth of life.

As the resident Witch of IAUSM, Rowan teaches you that life is magickical. You are a magickal being on an earthly sojourn. You can tap into your higher self and the vast wisdom of the Universe to life a happier and more authentic life.

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~Taste of Tarot

~Psychic Shielding For The Empath

~Meet Your Spirit Guides


Introduction to Opening The Portals of Intuition

Greetings Everyone! Welcome to Opening The Portals To Intuition! I am a natural psychic which means that I was born with the gift of the second sight. In the early 1990’s my gifts accelerated and I thought I was going crazy. I began taking all sorts of psychic classes and joining groups.  I honed and expanded my gifts haphazardly by working with pendulums, throwing tarot cards, and sitting in mediumship circles, but didn’t understand how they all connected. Opening The Portals To Intuition is my opportunity to create the foundational course that I would’ve loved to have had when my gifts opened up.

  • What are the portals of intuition?
  • Going beyond the 5 senses
  • Developing Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience and Claircognizance
  • Activation of the pineal gland & your intuition


Coming Soon to IAUSM

Magickal Potions & Brews

Learn how to craft potent potions, oils, charms and brews. In this course you will learn how to craft infusions, tinctures, oil blends and herbal teas. Learn how to use the different herbs for medicinal purposes, as well as magickal purposes. Rowan will share with you a favorite recipe for love and money from her personal Book of Shadows.

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