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Yearly Forecast for 2019 ~   $155.00

A 90 minute reading to explore business, relationships, health and romance for 2019. It begins with a general overview of 2019 followed by in depth month to month forecast. Lisa weaves in your personal yearly life cycles based on your date of birth to determine the most auspicious times of the year to focus on health, wealth, travel, relationships and your spiritual journey.

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Distance Energy Cleansing ~  $ 75.00

Reiki and Metatronia Therapy are used to clear your chakras and cleanse your auric field. These modalities are used to open energetic and neuro pathways and  invite positive change into your life. Your aura will be wrapped in a high frequency gold white light. This will improve your physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. You will also experience heightened intuition as a result of the energy cleanse and frequency shift.

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Alchemy of Love ~ $95.00

This 45 minute session focuses on the magical chemistry that occurs when two people fall in love. The reading examines the qualities each individual brings to the relationship and the mystical union that is formed through the Alchemy of Love. The reading emphasizes energetic connections, soul connections, soul contracts, karmic patterns along with soulmate and twin flame relationships.

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