“I love Rowan’s down to earth, practical approach. She uses her amazing skill to look deeply into your concerns and tells you what you came to find out. Her insights have successfully helped to guide me in both career and personal matters. Best of all, when my little cat was missing, she tirelessly worked to find the pieces of the puzzle that finally brought him home – thank you, Rowan!”


“Rowan has been a huge blessing in my life and I feel so honoured to be connected with her. I have been getting readings with Rowan for about a decade, which eventually turned into spiritual life coaching. I have been mentored by Rowan, have had Hypnotherapy and have gotten energy healings from her as well.

Rowan is super gifted and I trust her completely. She has guided me throughout many areas of my life and has been pretty accurate in all my readings. I have had readings with other psychics before and no one has compared to Rowan. She can connect into me even before we start our readings and I don’t even have to tell her my situation, she just knows. As soon as I connect with Rowan, I can feel her calm, soothing and healing energy right away and I always feel so good just speaking with her.

I have recommended Rowan over and over again, and everyone that has had a reading with her has been amazed by her accuracy. If you are looking for someone that is direct, completely honest, loving, kind, practical, but also very tapped in to her spirit guides, then Rowan is for you. She will always be honest and will never sugar coat things. I can’t thank you enough for all that you have done for me throughout my life, you are my spiritual mentor!”
-Geri, Calgary, Canada


“Rowan is in one word ‘magical’. I have worked with her for five years, through many personal challenges. She has provided insight and guidance that eased my soul deeply. Rowan’s stunningly accurate insight has gone beyond anything I have experienced with other psychics. I appreciate her ability to navigate and bridge between the worlds so seamlessly. Recently I attended Rowan’s “Opening the Portals to Intuition” class, wanting to connect with my own inner guidance. I got that and more. Her presentation, guided meditations, and exercises are beautifully designed to uplift, instruct, and give greater confidence to attendees. I look forward to continued interaction with Rowan’s wisdom as I navigate this increasingly chaotic and challenging world.”
-Carole F. (Camas)


“Many of us seek guidance for our life choices from gifted people like Rowan, but how many times have we wished we could develop that ability ourselves, hear our inner voice, trust what we sense and feel? After taking her “Portals to Intuition” course, I have found access to that voice. She showed us techniques to tap into our intuition and trust what we sense, see, feel, even smell. Her guided meditations are amazing, fluid, comforting, trustworthy. I feel like I have found an inner pillar of strength I can rely on going forward.”
– Mary S., NJ


“Rowan (Lisa) comes from a family lineage of psychics and healers and is the most gifted and accurate reader I have experienced. I have had a number of readings over the years with various psychics and was constantly disappointed. Her insight on relationships, finances, and business has been tremendously helpful over the years. Her accuracy always continues to amaze me as events unfold in my life. Her gift is truly a blessing and it is always a wonderful experience to have a reading from her. You will not be disappointed.”
– Deborah C., Marblehead, MA


“As a Mental Health Therapist, I need a highly skilled person for Guidance and Consultation….Rowan has been that person for me since I first sought her services in 2014.  At first I was recommended to seek Rowan for relationship guidance and her psychic abilities.  I have on several occasions emailed Rowan letting her know her predictions were accurate…time and time again. By working with Rowan I have been able to be more attuned to my own intuition, resolve family conflicts, new job, new home and further develop my confidence.  In 2020, Rowan had a Sacred Destiny Event I attended in person and it was an amazing Activation for me. It was so exciting to meet Rowan in person, I cried. The beauty of working with Rowan is she continues to offer new modalities and events. I’ve grown so much working with Rowan and it has helped me sort out all kinds of slow moving situations in my life. There’s so many good things to say about Rowan.”– Heather C., Calistoga, CA


“I was amazed that Rowan (Lisa) picked up on my daughter’s anxiety disorder years before it manifested.”
– Jenny C., Santa Cruz, CA


“My reading with Rowan (Lisa) changed my life. It was perhaps one of the most insightful moments in my life, and has really helped to pave the way for my own peace and understanding. I must say- I did not believe until I met her. She is extremely gifted and professional- and what she told me ended up being very relevant and true for me- even though I was not totally ready to accept it at the time. If you are soul searching, have Rowan (Lisa) help you!”
M.C., Santa Cruz, Ca


“I have worked with Rowan for the past year. There were three particular areas of work that I sought help with: Sports hypnotherapy for my son. Understanding the future. Dream interpretation With respect to the first, Rowan completely shifted my son’s performance within one session. His internal script changed and he was able to perform the way he needed to. He went through a number hypnotherapy sessions and eventually stopped. He feels more confident and plays at an elite level of hockey which I know is related to the internal script shift. When there are difficulties I will always turn to Rowan for help this way.

In terms of understanding the future, Rowan has brought me peace of mind- like steadying my boat. She brings deeper meaning to why things are happening or unfolding the way they are and gives me reassurance. My favorite session has been around dream analysis. Again she was able to interpret and help me understand the meaning of important dreams that have felt vital to me. These are powerful sessions bringing deep meaning. I find Rowan to be calming, helpful, responsive and genuine. She works with no judgement and I find I return to her again and again for help when I get stuck. Probably one of the most important things is that I have found a way  to read myself better , to understand important steps in my own life. In that pivotal way, she has become an important teacher. I am grateful.”
– S.F.D., Ashland , OR


“Words cannot describe what a blessing Rowan (Lisa) has been to me. I first used Lisa’s services as a psychic. I have previously read with other prominent well known psychics and been disappointed. I never had to tell Lisa much about my situation. She was able to connect with me and with other people very accurately, often I was simply stunned at her accuracy. She has helped me to navigate a very dark time in my life, in which everything was turned upside down, relationships, jobs, finances. She took the time to explain to me what was happening on a spiritual level and what it meant for me along my spiritual path. She has also helped me connect with my spirit guides and welcome them into my life. My lifelong feelings of being alone are no longer present as I know that my guides are always with me and I can call upon them for help at anytime.

Most recently, Lisa has become my life coach and I have been utilizing her skills as a hyponotherapist. This has been very effective for me in healing the pains of a relationship that needed to end. I know that Lisa truly cares about me and my situation and she has empathy beyond what I can express. I also struggle with anxiety especially around test taking and she is helping with that as I prepare for a major exam. I highly recommend Lisa for her skills as a psychic, life coach and hypnotherapist. She has truly been blessed by the Divine and I hope that people who are lead to her will receive healing.”
Angela, Kalamazoo, MI


“Ever since the first conversation I had with Rowan (Lisa), my life has forever changed. She is now much more to me than a psychic or life coach; her energy was able to simmer my utmost anxiety, teach me the path of love and light and all of its abundances, introduce me to my true self, and also taught me the ways of independently healing myself. She is a mentor, a friend, and a gift of light. Her advice is honest and reliable, and her intentions are for the best of her client. Lisa has made an incredible difference on my life and wellbeing; because of Lisa I now walk hand in hand with spirit, a gift that no words could convey.”
– Jamie, 21 years old, Chico, CA


“Rowan (Lisa) helped me develop a calming safe place and support guides through hypnosis that allowed me access information needed to pass my Marriage and Family Therapy written exam. I was very nervous about this 4 hour test, but I used the skills learned in a hypnosis session with Lisa to calm myself before and during my test. I passed with flying colors!”
– Heather, Los Angeles, CA


“When I think about all the people in my life who were really worth meeting, so far so few come to mind, but in those few is Rowan (Lisa). I first met her at the Rota Psychic Fair when I was experiencing very dark times, especially when I lost my job and was going through litigation. She read for me and the outcome was exactly as she had predicted. Since then, I have continually sought her psychic readings, life coaching, Chakra balancing, cleansing, healing, and protection. I am quite sensitive on the spiritual plane, so whenever I experience uncertainty about something or someone, Lisa helps me navigate through these events. She has helped me connect with my spiritual guides when I need guidance and protection. She is calming and truly cares for me and guides me through my situations – on the spiritual level and/or through life coaching. She is a beautiful spirit, with an incredible psychic gift, and I am so very blessed she is here on earth to help us.”
– Michelle, Monterey County, CA