February awakens our souls to the mystery of love. It’s not just Valentine’s Day, it’s the entire month. It is all about the alchemy between two people. Love, passion, romance….does this connection have what it takes to last? This is the ideal time to have The Alchemy of Romance Reading.
The Alchemy of Romance focuses on the heart coherence between the two of you, in depth scanning of the combined auric fields of you and your lover, best cycles for love and romance for 2016 according to your dates of birth.
Not in a relationship? Ask for The Feng Shui of Love reading. This reading helps you to set the tone to welcome in a soul mate. Feng Shui of Love delves deep into the heart center to determine any blocks to true love. I work with the Angels of true love and compassion to assist you in opening up to your soulmate.
It is recommended that you schedule a 45 minute reading for either of these sessions. For more information, visit www.lisagilesnystedt.com or call (831)818-7300.